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The Wherifone is the world’s smallest GPS cell phone for children and seniors, and provides affordable peace-of-mind to the modern mobile family. The slim, small and lightweight Tri-Band GSM cell phone (900/1800/1900 and 850/1800/1900) weighs under 70 grams and features incoming and outgoing calling, five programmable buttons for one touch dialing, a headset jack, and a backlit LCD display. The absence of a traditional dial pad helps parents, caregivers and small businesses manage the expense of out-going calls, and make it easy to use. The cell phone is supported by a Location Service Center which can be accessed 24 X 7 by telephone or the Internet to retrieve a precise location using Enhanced-GPS technology, which can be plotted on both street maps and aerial photographs. As well as two-way voice calling, the Wherifone features Enhanced-GPS location technology that lets it be located in lightly obstructed areas, such as many types of woodframe buildings and vehicles, and under dense foliage. Learn more...

"Unbelievable... Cutting edge technology that will help keep your children safe" - Oprah

"..the latest must have..." - Parenting Magazine

"ingenious watch-size location device" - Business 2.0

"trendy, sporty style..." - T3 Magazine

"This watch can make a difference" - NBC 7 News at Five - WHDH TV - Boston

"What will they think of next?" - CNET

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