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Wherify Wireless, Inc. was founded in March of 1998 and privately financed by Timothy J. Neher(Founder, Chairman and President) during the Company’s strategy development and product definition stages. Wherify's early history focused on developing a unique customer value proposition that provides full location and tracking service in real time for people and their personal property.

We accomplish this by using a variety of telephony and internet technologies anywhere in the United States. Subsequently, these technologies can be applied in other parts of the world. In late 1998, Wherify was awarded its first patent. We also defined strategic partnerships and/or commercial business agreements with wireless carriers and location equipment suppliers (i.e. GPS) for locating and tracking.

In early 1999, Wherify recruited executive and technical management that sourced financing and initiated development of patented lockable, cut-resistant devices in various forms or shapes, such as watches and anklets, to be attached to people or personal property.

Wherify Wireless is the leading location services provider dedicated to making the world a safer place and preventing loss by pioneering the convergence of state-of-the-art enhanced global positioning, wireless communications and other technologies that empower people and businesses with the ability to locate loved ones or personal property whenever and wherever needed.