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With ionKids Starter Kit, Safety Turtle, and wireless monitors, pet owners can now keep track of their furry campanions.Technology has now advanced to the point that pet owners can locate they pets by using high tech pet loctors. Some companies have now developed GPS pet locators, the ultimate missing pet locator, that will soon be sold on

    Description Price
1.   Starter Kit
Item No. 163-5823506
2.   Tag Holder
Item No. 666-5824679
3.   Safety Turtle Base Station
Item No. 547-6793618
4.   Battery Pack
Item No. 811-6679962
5.   Velcro Pet Adaptor
Item No. 867-6731077
6.   Turtle Wristband
Item No. 259-6679995
7.   Svat GigaXtreme 5200
Item No. 474-7147088
8.   SecuCam AV100
Item No. 206-7026488
9.   Additional Camera for GigaXtreme GX5200
Item No. 554-7147304
10.   Additional Wireless Camera for SecuCam AV100
Item No. 841-7026545
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