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Why is there limited coverage when GPS works anywhere in the world?

While it's true that GPS works everywhere in the world, the GPS Locator utilizes a combination of GPS and digital wireless (PCS) technologies to determine and communicate the location of the person wearing the device. Signals and service from both are needed for complete, end-to-end location reporting to occur. SInce the GPS Locator communicates its GPS coordinates on a nationwide digital wireless network, the Locator needs to be within the coverage "footprint" for the communication to occur.

If a GPS signal is received, but the Locator is outside the digital wireless coverage area or does not receive a digital wireless signal, no location report will be provided. If the Locator receives a digital wireless signal, but no GPS signal is available, a CDMA "tower-based" location report will be available for emergencies.

How accurate is the GPS Locator?
Depending on conditions, the mapped location provided by the GPS Locator is typically accurate within 1-30 meters.

How many 'locates' can the GPS Locator do?
A subscriber can typically do about 40 locates with a fully charged GPS Personal Locator.

How long does the charged battery last?
A fully charged battery typically has close to 60 hours of standby time.

How long does it take to charge the battery?
When the battery is fully depleted, it typically takes 6 hours to fully recharge it. For initial charging (before activation), the Locator should be charged overnight.

How does the emergency response work?
An emergency response can be activated in several ways the subscriber can request an emergency response by contacting Wherifyís Location Service Center online or over the phone, or the wearer can request an emergency response by pressing two buttons on the Locator.

In both cases, the wearerís location and direction of movement is determined, and the information passed to our Emergency Operators, who are trained to handle these situations. Once they have validated the emergency, the Emergency Operators can dispatch local authorities to the wearerís location.

What other applications are you thinking of applying this technology to?
Because our mission is to enable people to locate loved-ones as well as any items of value, we are developing applications for vehicle tracking, asset tracking, personal electronics and pet care. If you or your company is interested in partnering with us in any of these areas, please click here

What wireless technology does the GPS Locator use to transmit the GPS data?
The GPS Locator transmits its location information over a nationwide CDMA 1900 megahertz PCS network.

Does the GPS Locator work indoors or under dense foliage?
The GPS Locator utilizes enhanced GPS to determine its location, so it may work in environments where traditional GPS products do not, such as inside some buildings, urban canyons and dense foliage. The locator will work in some wood frame buildings or next to non-shielded (not coated) windows typically found in homes.


Is the GPS Locator device water resistant? Can my child swim or bathe with it? The GPS Locator is water resistant.
It can be worn while washing hands, but care must be taken not to get the Locator wet. It should be removed for bathing, showering, swimming or other water-related activities. If the Locator becomes wet, please dry it off immediately.

Iím concerned about my child losing the device. Is the GPS Locator lockable?
Yes. While the GPS Locator works simply by placing it on the wearerís wrist, the subscriber can also lock the Locator on the wearerís wrist to ensure that it wonít get lost. Simply press the middle button on the Locator. The subscriber can also request that the device be unlocked remotely, either on the Internet or over any phone. If unlocked, the unit will automatically lock during an emergency (either wearer or subscriber initiated).

What if someone tries to tamper with the GPS Locator? Is it tamper and cut resistant?
The device is made of a sturdy yet soft rubberized material, which is cut resistant. Should anyone try to cut or tamper with the band when the device is locked, an alarm will be activated at our Location Service Center and the subscriber will be notified.

Does the GPS Locator make a sound when a page is received?
The GPS Locator features an audible Page Alert. When activated (by pressing the left button), a tone sounds for five seconds whenever a page is received. Pressing the left button again will turn off the sound feature. The Page icon on the Locator flashes when a page is received, regardless of whether or not the audible Page Alert is activated.

My child is young and I am concerned about him/her accidentally activating an emergency response. Can this feature be deactivated?
Yes. You can deactivate this feature on your Preferences page at Will there be different colors to choose from? Yes. The GPS Locator will be available in two kid-friendly colors: Galactic Blue and Cosmic Purple. Click here to see pictures of each color. What else does the GPS Locator do? The GPS Locator is also a one-way numeric pager. Itís also a very accurate watch thatís synchronized to an atomic clock. So it sets itself automatically, no matter what time zone youíre in.