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Jeannie Deva Celebrity Vocal Coach

I have already recommended several friends to your products. Though I have many other big vocal training products (Brett Manning, Seth Riggs, etc), yours is the one that I think really makes the most difference in my vocal quality and expressiveness. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Alyse Black,Singer-Songwriter

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Singer's Guide to Powerful Performances

Singing Voice Lessons Online

Singing Lessons Online is a unique opportunity to study directly with Jeannie Deva without leaving your home. Ms. Deva devised voice lessons online years ago to allow singers who tour with bands to continue to receive her vocal coaching while they were traveling. Then she began using it with voice students who were not touring but, who simply lived too far away to meet with her in person. Jeannie Deva began doing Singing Lessons Online, years before other vocal coaches and has more experience than any other voice teacher when it comes to getting results with online voice lessons.

News Flash
We are excited to announce that Voice Lessons Online with Jeannie Deva will very soon be available to every singer worldwide in a new state of the art school to be launched in 2012. Please sign up for our mailing list so we can let you know when this very affordable opportunity will be available to you.

Vocal Warm-Ups

Looking for an easy Voice Warm up Routine?
Get fast results with these effective Vocal Warm-ups!

Singers should always warm-up their voice before a rehearsal or gig, But how? The Deva Method Vocal Warm-ups are your answer. Buy this CD or download it instantly to your computer after purchase. Then burn a CD, play it in your car stereo on the way to your gig or rehearsal and follow the instructions by Jeannie Deva.

Fast, easy and effective. You will sing better with more range and flexibility when your voice is properly warmed up. Use these exercises for a voice saving cool-down afterward.

Voice Lesson Exercise CDs

Expand Your Range. Improve your voice tone, control and power.

Sing with passion and stage presence using our Singing Voice Lessons CDs and books. Jeannie Deva has spent many years refining voice technique to achieve fast results so that you don't have waste time and get frustrated. Buy and use these products today to achieve your goals as a singer!

Voice Lessons in Los Angeles

Jeannie Deva is accepting a small number of private students for singing voice lessons at her Los Angeles, California studio. The Deva Method does not try to make you sound a certain way or force you into a style. This vocal method gives you good technique to sing the way you want without blowing out your voice. If you have studied with other teachers or methods and still have unresolved issues with your voice, you owe it to yourself to get help from Jeannie Deva. She gets results even with singers who have developed nodes or polyps from long periods of vocal strain.

Even if your voice is fine and you just want to have more range, better tone or control, our method will help you be the singer you imagine you can be. For those who live outside of Los Angeles, Jeannie offers lessons via Internet video conferencing.

"You are the 'Queen of voice instuctors.' Thank you so much for sharing all of this wonderful knowledge and doing so with love and careful thought, and delight!!"
Simone Nicole SnyderBack to Top

Singing Lesson Downloads

Be a Better Singer right now by practicing with the Deva Method Vocal Warm-ups instant download. In the next few minutes you can purchase and download these fabulous vocal warm-ups and improve your singing voice today. Find out more by clicking the title above or the Downloads link in the left navigation bar.

Free Monthly Vocal Tips

Would you like to receive free monthly vocal tips from Jeannie Deva? Use this link to opt-in to our mailing list to receive the free tips once a month. Don't worry, we don't give your address to anyone else and we will not flood you with email. We'll send just one tip a month, plus an occasional notice on special events or sales on our popular singing voice lesson books and CDs for singers.

Singing Lesson Audio Samples

Want to hear what it is like to be coached by Jeannie Deva? Listen to samples of exercises from her voice lesson CDs using this link. The audio files are large, so if you have a dial-up connection to the internet, it may take time for them to load. Enjoy! Back to Top

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