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Bella Naturale brings the most important technology breakthrough in nail care history, the incredible Bella Naturale Polycrylics. Polycrylics are the result of over 5 years of intensive research into the development of new, patent pending, synthesized polymers that are totally different from any other nail product and designed for fingernail use only.

THE SYNTHESIS DIFFERENCE: Bella Naturale Polycrylics are not acrylic nails or gel nails. They have a unique chemical structure made from custom engineered, synthesized polymers, providing superior performance over acrylics, gels and other products, including adhesion, strength and durability.

Other products are simply a mixture of chemicals commonly available from industry suppliers such as monomers, oligomers, acids and highly volatile methacrylates. The problem is, no combination of available ingredients exists that can meet the high performance standards required for making the ideal nail product.

Only through custom engineered, synthesized polymers, designed for fingernail use from the outset, can achieve optimum performance.

NEW, LONGEST LASTING ADHESION: Acrylic nails, gel nails and other products adhere to the nail using outdated "mechanical adhesion" similar to how glue holds two pieces of wood together, by seeping into the porous nail plate and hardening. This is why corrosive, acid based primers improve the grip for acrylic nails and gel nails by micro etching the nail surface.

Due to the custom synthesized polymers, Bella Naturale Polycrylics utilize a totally different bonding process, forming a powerful, true organic molecular bond with the natural nail, similar to the way hair colorants organically link to hair for long lasting color. This organic bond with the nail is unique to Bella Naturale Polycrylics and is a much better and longer lasting bond that can only be achieved through custom polymer synthesis. This is a powerful and long overdue technological advancement for the nail care industry.

Also, because Polycrylics organically bond with the nail, they have absolutely no acids, no primers, no glues, no irritating chemicals, no monomer acrylates, no odors, no harmful vapors and do not damage the natural nail.

SUPERIOR STRENGTH: Polycrylics are tough, tear resistant and hard, but not brittle like other products, providing superior strength to the natural nail for unmatched performance.

FAST & EASY TO USE: Polycrylics are faster and easier to apply and maintain, than acrylic nails or gel nails. Polycrylics "self-level" in seconds and harden under the Bella Bonding Lamp in just 2 minute to a beautiful, smooth, tack free, high gloss finish. Due to the unique way Polycrylics bond to the nail, blending fill-lines is easier and faster than acrylics or gels.

SAFE & IRRITATION FREE: Polycrylics do not contain any irritating chemicals as found in other nail products and have an entirely different chemical structure. Hence they are safe, irritation free and non-damaging.

TOTAL VERSATILITY: Polycrylics are ideal for natural nail overlays, tips or sculptured nails. Bella Naturale application and maintenance on natural nails, tips or sculptured nails is easier, faster, and they are more durable than acrylics or gel nails. With Bella Naturale Polycrylics you can achieve great looking, beautiful nails. Professional nail technicians will enjoy a renewed interest from customers wanting professionally applied nails with none of the drawbacks of acrylics or gels and more than all the benefits. We all want to work in a healthier environment.

Only your Bella Naturale Polycrylics provide the following combination of powerful, unique benefits:

  • New Bonding Process—Longest lasting adhesion.

  • New Polymers for Superior Strength.

  • No acids, primers or acrylate monomers.

  • No odors, fumes or irritating dust.

  • Stronger and Tougher than acrylics or gels.

  • Stronger Resistance to Breaking.

  • Fast, Easy Application and Maintenance.

  • Blend lines disappear easier and faster.

  • Instant, superior self leveling.

  • Versatile with tips and sculptured nails.

  • Safe, nonirritating and non damaging.

  • Tack free bonding in just 2 minute.

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