About Us
The Native American jewelry that you are looking at is constructed by the Dial family. We've made Native American jewelry for over 30 years.
These are some of the happy customers that have purchased Native American Jewelry from our family. Look how good our Native American Jewelry looks on them. We are happy to see it worn and look forward to thier continued business.
Our Native American Jewelry will make the Perfect Gift for you or a someone else. So order what you would like, and remember if you will send us your picture, we will provide you with a 15% discount. Your image and testimony acts as a mail in rebate. We are currently updating our Testimonial page. We will continue to add the pictures of our happy customers.
"Good Morning!!! I received the bracelet yesterday
afternoon, and I have got to say it is the most impressive and beautiful piece
of jewelry I have ever seen (and I have seen quite a bit of jewelry in my
live!!!!!) I am recommending you guys to everyone!!. Have a great day!!! Ruth


*The Dial Family Constructs every piece of Native American Jewelry on this site*